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Jack Nilon is the senior instructor at Dragon Wind Kenpo and the Australian representative for  Progressive Kenpo System’s an international affliliation of Parker kenpo studios . Jack says I’ve been doing martial arts for over 25 years, I started with Japanese karate an off shoot Shotokan system and then went onto Goju Ryu, I’ve also had the privilege to cross train in Chinese Gung fu, Korean and Philippine martial arts and Russian Systema. My brother introduced me to kenpo when I was 15 and have been doing it ever since.In the course of that time I trained under Mike Crim up to black belt then briefly with John Van Wyk, I  am a  student of 9th degree black belt and master instructor Lee Wedlake in the United States since 1997 and have received my 2nd and 3rd and 4th  degree black belt promotions from him I’ve been lucky enough to spend extended periods living, training and teaching in Florida at Mr Wedlake’s studio and  other of his student’s studio’s. I’ve had the privilege to travel with Mr Wedlake to many seminars across the USA as an assistant instructor and more recently teaching  seminars myself .  No matter what martial arts you decide to do, make sure the instructor is genuine and has legitimacy! A traceable lineage is always a good start but you still need to experience for yourself (watch) the way they teach classes, determine that the student’s are happy and learning what they’re supposed to be learning? And are the facilities clean and tidy.



National representative for Lee Wedlakes Progressive Kenpo Systems 4th Degree Black  Belt ( under Lee Wedlake  )

Training in martial arts for 25 plus years

(I have had the opportunity to cross train in other art’s  with some great instructor’s , there by giving me a view of  a more rounded martial art’s instructor )

Teaching martial arts for 20 years

Certificate 2 in sport’s coaching ( martial arts specific )

Senior First Aid  accreditated

Member of Martial Art’s Australia ( peak body organization )

Worked in the security industry in various roles for 10 years